Joyride E.H. KWPN approved!        

November 25, 2017

Today Joyride EH (testcat. nr. 25 by Ampère x Jazz) was taking part in the autumn 2017 KWPN stallion performance test exam.
He ended up as reserve champion of the 3 year old stallions with the following outstanding scores:

walk: 8.5 (x2)
trot: 8.0 (x2)
canter: 8.5 (x2)
suppleness: 8.5
self carriage & balance: 8.5
rideability: 8.5
potential: 8.5
TOTAL score: 84 points

Also see his KWPN test report.
He was
praised by the judges for his excellent damline with 3 famous dressage sires in a row: Jazz, May Sherif and Doruto; his extra walk, his powerful trot and canter, expressive front leg technique and his excellent work ethic.

Joyride EH is a son of our Elite Sport(dr) dressage mare Vidora EH, who unfortunately passed away in june 2017, one day after the birth of her 9th foal Manhattan (by franklin).

For an impression of the complete test see: video.
Short video of test: short video.

His name as a KWPN breeding stallion will be: JOYRIDE.

Official KWPN video of Joyride: KWPN video Joyride.

 joyride approved  

So proud!!!

Joyride approved

Joyride approved

Joyride just born

Just born april 13, 2014. So precious, not knowing he would ever become so valuable!!