Joyride EH   KWPN & Oldenburg approved

Stallion,  born: April 13, 2014. Height: 1.69m. KWPN breeding value dressage (at birth): 154

Joyride Ermelo approved


Rousseau Ferro - pref
Zsuzsa - ster sport(dr)
Larivola - keur pref Flemmingh - pref

Farivola - ster pref prest
Vidora EH - elite, pref, sport (dr)
Z2 dress
Jazz - pref
GP dress
Cocktail - keur
GP dress
Charmante - keur
Nivaldora - sport (dr)
Z2 dress
May Sherif
PSG dress
Rolanda - keur pref prest

For a video of Joyride 3 weeks old, see: VIDEO - 3 weeks

Video of 1st round of stallion inspection, Ermelo dec 1 2016:   VIDEO - 1e bezichtiging

Video of 2nd and 3rd round of stallion inspection, Den Bosch febr 4 2017:  VIDEO 2e + 3e bezichtiging

Video of Joyride march 2017, saddle training with Peter Wetzelaer: VIDEO saddle training 1
Video of Joyride july 2017, saddle training with Peter Wetzelaer: VIDEO saddle training 2

Video of Joyride in KWPN stallion performance test exam, incl ceremony, november 2017: VIDEO stallion performance test exam
Short video of Joyride in KWPN exam (50 secs): SHORT VIDEO
Video of Oldenburg licensing: Oldenburg  january 2018
Video of Joyride ridden by Peter Wetzelaer in KWPN clinic with Emmelie Scholtens february 2018

KWPN official video: KWPN video Joyride

Some Dutch articles about Joyride and his relatives:

"Lina Uzunhasan rijdt KWPN hengst Joyride" (De Hoefslag 30 maart 2018)
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Kirsten Brouwer: "Joyride is een ontzettend leuke hengst!" (De Hoefslag 18 juli 2018)

With international top dressage stallions like Jazz, May Sherif, Ferro and Roemer in his pedigree, Joyride has all that it takes for a promising dressage horse.

His dam line (info in Dutch) originates from KWPN breeding family 1633.
With a dressage index of 165 (KWPN table 2013), dam Vidora is in the top 200 of best KWPN dressage mares in her category. Joyride's great granddam Rolanda gave the small tour dressage horse Flying Dutchman (by Zevenster), and also the Grand Prix dressage horse Privaldi (by Gribaldi), which holds the 236th position on the WBFSH-list of dressage horses (2012). A full sister of Rolanda's dam Joliza gave the international GP show jumping mare Ferina (by Ramiro).
Joyride's dam's sire Jazz has sucessfully shown Grand Prix with two different riders, and more and more of his offspring reach the highest levels in international Grand Prix, like Parzival with Adelinde Cornelissen and many more. From her dam's side she also carries the world famous Doruto blood in the 4th generation.

Ampère is a world class champion stallion. This eye-catching stallion steels the show wherever he steps into the spotlights. It all started when he left the arena as the most expensive foal at the foal auction in Borculo. In February 2008 at the stallion show Den Bosch he became the convincing champion of the stallion show. After that, he became the undoubtable winner of the 70 day performance test in Ermelo. Dream notes mark his extraordinary qualities: walk 8, trot 9, canter 9.5, suppleness 9, self carriage & balance 8.5, rideability and work ethics 9, talent for dressage 9. With his modern riding horse type, he has proven the title top stud to be justified. Already at the age of 8, Ampère has 3 KWPN approved sons: Electron (Ampère x Fidermark), Fellini (Ampère x Jazz) and Franklin (Ampère x Ferro), who was champion of the dressage stallions in the 2013 autumn performance test. In 2013 Atomic (Ampère x Tolando) won the VSN trophy, and his daughters Fynona (Ampère x Gribaldi) and Fimosa (Ampère x Quattro) both became overall champion of the KWPN CK in their province.

In dec 2016 Joyride EH ( 301) was selected for the second round of the KWPN stallion selection in Den Bosch in february 2017. See KWPN article "1e bezichting".
His x-rays are clean, no indications of OCD, therefore he received the predicate D-OC in january 2017 with a dna score of 103. At the KWPN stallion show in Den Bosch in february 2017 Joyride E.H. was accepted for the KWPN stallion performance test. KWPN magazine "In De Strengen" (Nr3 2017) wrote:

in de strengen annual breeders meeting of kwpn limburg

From the catalogue of the KWPN stallion show in Den Bosch:

2e bezichtiging

In november 2017 Joyride was KWPN approved with an amazing total score of 84 points, this made him reserve champion of the KWPN autumn stallion performance test 2017. See for judges comment and all of his scores in the KWPN testreport. In january 2018 Joyride was also licensed for the Oldenburger Verband. In july 2018 Kirsten Brouwer started riding Joyride and preparing him for the PAVO cup and KWPN stallion competition. Joyride qualified for the KWPN stallion competition finals in february 2019.

celebration in Ermelo  Joyride approved  

Celebration at KWPN stallion approval Ermelo in november 2017.

joyride 2 weeks old
Joyride, two weeks old
joyride 2 weeks old
            Joyride, two weeks old
3 weeks old
Joyride, 3 weeks old
3 weeks old
Joyride, 3 weeks old
Joyride 2.5 yrs old  Joyride at KWPN stallion inspection
Joyride, 2.5 years old.                                                                At stallion inspection 1st round Ermelo dec 1, 2016.
at KWPN stallion competition class L with Kirsten Brouwer    at KWPN stallion competition class L with Kirsten Brouwer
At the KWPN stallion competition in Zuidbroek december 28 2018, where he ended among the prize winners with a total score of 81 points.