Perla Barina EH   D-OC, wffs free   
Filly,  born: April 12th 2020, KWPN dressage index at birth:

Perla Barina

PSG / Inter II
Easy Game (Trak)
PSG / Inter I
Gribaldi - Elite pref
GP dress
Evita XII - Elite Verbandspr ster pref prest
Bukkie - keur pref EPTM Flemmingh - pref
Ukkie - pref Elite PROK
Ilona Barina EH elite, PROK, IBOP(dr), wffs-free
Apache    pref
Grand Prix dressage
UB 40   keur  
dressage PSG/Inter I
Tolanda    elite, pref
Carina   elite, PROK, pref, EPTM(dr)

Florencio    keur
dressage PSG/Inter I 
Narina    elite, pref, prest, sport (dress)
dressage Z2

Video - 4.5 months old

Some Dutch articles about Perla Barina's relatives: 

"Het doopceel van...Barina" (In de strengen 2003)
"Barina ster verklaard" (Het sportpaard 2008)
"Voorwaarts blijven denken" (Tarina, Hoefslag 2010)
"Beroemde merriestammen"(De Paardenkrant Extra juli/aug 2012)
"Sport is bepalend" (about Carina's dam Narina, In de strengen 3/2013)

"Geslaagde veulenverkoop tijdens Hippisch Festijn" (foal out of Barina II overall champion, KWPN website sept 2013)
"Sir Sinclair en Florencio I KEUR verklaard" (KWPN website febr 2015)
Arthur van Rooij: "Best Cool heeft enorm veel go" (Best Cool = son of Narina, De Paardenkrant 49, 2 dec 2015)
"Wisselende collectie SK in Hunsel" (, 26 juni 2016)

Perla Barina EH is a true mix of champions: her grand dam Elite pref mare Carina was overall champion of the dressage mares at the CK of Sevenum in 2010, and she passed her EPTM exam with an amazing score of 80 points. Grand sire Apache is a very successful Grand Prix dressage stallion, he wins all there is to win! Apache was decorated with the prestigeous KWPN KEUR predicate in febr 2019. Great grand sire Florencio (keur) became world famous when he won the World Championships of young dressage horses in Verden in 2004 and 2005. Out of Perla Barina's dam line (Zanka line, KWPN breeding family 401, which is at the 29th position in the top 50 of most successful KWPN dressage dam lines) many successful sport horses and breeding stallions were born, like KWPN approved stallions Imposantos (champion by far of the KWPN stallion licensing 2017), Tolando, Landeur, Grand Prix dressage mare Tarina and the famous Olympic/international GP horse Ideaal (by Doruto) but also top jumper Explosion W. Through Rubinstein I Perla Barina carries blood from the Dodona-line. The Dodona-line has given many world famous international Grand Prix horses, among which Rembrandt (2 x Olympic Champion with Nicole Uphoff), Ahlerich (2 x Olympic Champion with Dr. Reiner Klimke) and Amon (Olympic competitor with Annemarie Keizer). The Dodona-line is being seen as worlds best breeding line for dressage horses.
Perla Barina's great granddam is the elite/sport mare Narina, who also is the dam of approved KWPN stallion Tolando (he was champion of the KWPN performance test of dressage stallions in spring 2003). Narina is in the top 200 of best KWPN dressage mares in her category, with a dressage index of 161 (KWPN table 2013). Narina's dam Barina has gained 4 x the Preferent predicate and 4 x the Prestatie predicate through her offspring. Barina is the dam of Grand Prix dressage mare Tarina, successfully showing under Katja Gevers. With a dressage index of 191, Tarina finds herself at the 3rd position on the list of 200 best KWPN dressage mares in her category (KWPN table 2014). In
december 2012 two grandsons of Barina passed the 1st inspection of the KWPN stallion approval in Ermelo successfully, and are therefore invited for the 2nd inspection in Den Bosch in february 2013. One of them, a son of Narina named Floret ( 341, by Ampère x Rubinstein I x Sultan), also passed the 2nd and 3rd inspection in Den Bosch, and therefore is selected for the 70 days KWPN stallion performance test in Ermelo. The Dutch KWPN magazine "In de strengen" nr. 2/2013 wrote as follows about this young stallion: 
"Ampère-zoon Floret vertegenwoordigt eveneens een sterke stam, en is een halfbroer van de KWPN-goedgekeurde hengst Tolando (v. Krack C) die in de Lichte Tour presteerde. De lijn gaat terug op de merrie Olgarina (v. Epigoon), een halfzus van het bekende topdressuurpaard Ideaal (v. Doruto) van Johan Hinneman. De jeugdige Floret toont souplesse en een mooie voorbeentechniek in beweging."  

In december 2014 three young stallions out of the Barina line passed the first KWPN stallion inspection successfully, and were invited for the 2nd inspection in Den Bosch: 426, a grandson of Narina by Damon Hill x Krack C x Rubinstein x Sultan and two grandsons of Barina: 461 by Florencio x De Niro x Sultan and 500 Hoxley W by Lord of Loxley x Krack C x Sultan.  Hoxley W was selected for the KSS auction and was sold there for 44,000 euro's.
In november 2017 a 4 year old grandson of Barina, Imposant W (renamed 'Imposantos'), passed the KWPN stallion performance test with a topscore of 89 points, he is the 3rd KWPN approved stallion from this damline, after Landeur and Tolando. He is by Wynton out of Elite mare Zarina (by Krack C x Sultan).
Also see article "Sport is bepalend" (In de strengen 3/2013) about Barina and her daughter Narina, which is Ilona Barina's granddam.

Perla Barina's dam Ilona Barina EH was awarded STER as a 3 year old at the KWPN mare inspection in Hunsel with 70 points for conformation, 80 points for carriage and 80 points for her movements. With these scores she was the best mare in Hunsel. It qualified her for the KWPN CK of Limburg in july, where she was upgraded to voorl. KEUR. Ilona Barina won the 3rd prize in the Limburg Cup for dressage mares, this means that she was one of the top 3 mares with the highest overall scores at the KWPN mare inspections of Limburg in 2016.

In april 2017 Ilona Barina did the IBOP mare performance test as a 4 year old. She passed successfully with 75 points, which was enough for upgrading to Elite. Perla Barina's pedigree shows 3 generations of Elite mares in a row in the dam line (Ilona Barina, her Carina and granddam Narina).

Perla Barina's sire Hermès shows lots of talent for the highest dressage levels. In 2019 he was champion of the stallion competition and in 2018 he won the bronze medal at the World Championships for young dressage horses. In 2020 he made his Inter II debut with a winning score of 71.47%. Hermès's offspring shows lots of blood expression and lightfooted movements.

Perla Barina received the D-OC predicate with a DNA score of 101.

Ilona Barina at Ibop test  Carina at CK Sevenum in 2010
Dam Ilona Barina EH at Ibop test as 4 year old.                                             Grand dam Carina Champion at CK in Sevenum.
Perla Barina few hours old   Perla Barina few hours old
                                                                  Perla Barina EH, enjoying the sun on Easter sunday 2020, just a couple of hours old.
Perla Barina 2 weeks old
                                      Perla Barina EH, 2 weeks old.