Elphidora does a great youngsters test in Sweden!

May 21, 2012

Yesterday Elphidora E.H. (daughter of our Elite Sport(dr) mare Vidora E.H., and full sister of our one year younger Fürstin Adora E.H.) did a regional test in Sweden for 3 year olds. Her scores were absolutely amazing...she impressed the judges with a 10 for her trot!! None of the other 750 competing 3 year olds got a 10 for one of her/his gaits! Elphidora is invited for the nationals in Flyinge in october 2012. For the test results: see list (scores of all 3 year olds at Elhpi's location). She finally ended up in the top 5 of 1150 3-year-olds (all locations together), which is absolutely fabulous!

Below a quote from her very happy owner Mats Fredèn, who bought her from us:

"In canter she got a 9, which is very good indeed! Now there are 10 dressage horses (out of 750) with total score of 50 points. If you just look at the gaits, there are only two horses with 27 points, Elphidora is one of them. There has been only one 10 on gaits this year, that's the trot of Elphidora! The judge said that Elphi has movements with acceleration, gearing up, power, etc etc".

Congratulations Mats, you have a raw diamond in hands! With proper training (and staying sound of course) sky will be the limit!

Elphidora as a 2 year old, when we visited her in Sweden in the summer of 2011:

Elphidora as a 2 year old in Sweden