Carina winner of 3-year olds & overall champion CK Limburg !

July 10 2010

Carinashowed off at the KWPN CK Limburg championships in Sevenum. In a field of 7 competitors of same age, she proudly took first place, being praised for her quality of movements, her conformation and her suppleness. She got the KEUR predicate (which makes her ELITE, because she already had her PROK predicate) and she was also invited for the national KWPN championships NMK to be held in Ermelo, mid august.

She was not only winner of her own age category, Carina was also elected as overall champion of all dressage mares at the CK Sevenum 2010!

A video of the 2010 KWPN CK Limburg championships (31.1 Mb - 346 kb/s) is

available on line

carina with championship ribbon

carina in trot

carina with champion ribbon