Melandora       ELITE, PROK, IBOP, PREF, PREST, wffs free

Mare,  born: June 15th 1994,  height 1.64 m, Dressage level: M1


May Sherif Elizar Unikum Trak
May Kignaes Securius

keur pref prest

Doruto pref Komet Trak
Blitzlicht II Trak
Joliza ster Eros keur
Zodiena ster pref

Melandora's dam line originates from KWPN breeding family 1633

Melandora is the only KWPN May Sherif daughter in the Netherlands with the predicates Elite-Pref-Prest.

Melandora is a full sister to Z2 dressage mare Nivaldora, which is the dam of our Elite Sport(dr) mare Vidora EH and granddam of KWPN approved stallion Joyride EH.
She carries the valuable blood of the world famous KWPN stallion Doruto in her veins (
Dutch article about Doruto: "Stempelhengst Doruto" (In de Strengen 4-2013)). 

There is a lot of sport in Melandora's damline. Melandora herself gave 3 dressage horses at Z level and she is granddam of 4 dressage horses at Z2 level or higher. Her dam Rolanda (keur + pref + prest) gave small tour dressage horse Flying Dutchman (by Zevenster), Grand Prix dressage horse Privaldi (by Gribaldi, Privaldi holds the 236th position on the WBFSH-list of dressage horses (2012)), KWPN accepted (aangewezen) stallion Kolando (by Ferro) and five Z dressage horses. Rolanda is granddam of 4 Z2/ZZL dressage horses and greatgranddam of 3 Z dressage horses. A full sister of Melandora's granddam Joliza gave the International GP showjumping mare Ferina (by Ramiro). Also international Grand Prix dressage horse Hilcodion (by Chronos), ridden by Nancy Polosker, originates from this damline.

Melandora herself got a 1st premium and STER predicate at the mare selection as a 3 year old, at the CK of Veghel she got a 1st premium again, and was upgraded to voorl. KEUR with a 5th place. A succesfull IBOP test (where she scored an 8 for her walk) and a PROK certificate (her x-rays meet the KWPN requirements) made her Elite. Melandora was upgraded to Preferent and Prestatie because of her offspring.

In september 2017 Melandora's beautiful great granddaughter Miadora (by Franklin) got the highest bid at the foal auction of Maren Kessel, where she was the queen of the evening: see IDS 18-2017.


  1. Residora (1998, filly by Jazz), ster + prest
  2. Salvadora (1999, filly by Jazz)
  3. Tincadora (2000, filly by Jazz), Elite + PROK + sport(dr), dress Z2 
  4. United (2001, colt by Royal Dance), ster, dress Z2 
  5. Viladora (2002, filly by Future), PROK, dress B
  6. Woodstar (2003, colt by Lord Sinclair)
  7. Arlando (2005, colt by Undigo)
  8. Diamant (2008, colt by Spielberg), dress Z1
  9. Feliciano (2010, colt by Apache), dress B 
  10. Imcadora (2013, filly by Apache)
  11. Jolandora (2014, filly by Apache), Elite + Ibop + D-OC
  12. Kikidora (2015, filly by Desperado)
  13. Lisadora (2016, filly by Ghandi) 
  14. Nightfall EH (2018, colt by Just Wimphof), D-OC + wffs-free, sold to the Netherlands 

dam Rolanda

Melandora's dam Rolanda as a 3 year old in 1978
Melandora CK Veghel

Melandora at CK as a 3 year old in 1997
Two full sisters

Two full sisters: Melandora (as a 2 year old) and Nivaldora (as a yearling)