Leadora EH    Elite, EPTM, D-OC

Mare,  born: March 10 2016, Height: 1.72m, KWPN breeding value dressage (at birth):  


Rousseau    keur
Larivola    keur pref
Warkle M   PROK, Ster Ferro    pref
Sparkle M
Havadora EH
Ster, D-OC
Bretton Woods
Johnson    keur
Annabel    pref elite
Chivadora EH
ster, pref, PROK, EPTM (dr)
Florencio  keur 
Vidora EH  elite pref sport (dr)
Z2 dress

VIDEO of Leadora (4 weeks old)
VIDEO of Leadora at KWPN stamboekkeuring in Oirschot (3 year old)
VIDEO of Leadora in EPTM test Ermelo (3 year old).
Leadora's dam line originates from KWPN breeding family 1633. Great granddam Vidora is in the top 200 of best KWPN mares in her class, with a dressage index of 165 (KWPN table 2013). Vidora's granddam Rolanda gave the small tour dressage horse Flying Dutchman (by Zevenster), and also the Grand Prix dressage horse Privaldi (by Gribaldi), which holds the 236th position on the WBFSH-list of dressage horses (2012). A full sister of Rolanda's dam Joliza gave the international Grand Prix showjumping mare Ferina (by Ramiro). In the 6th generation Leadora carries the valuable Doruto blood in her veins (grandsire of Nivaldora).
Leadora's granddam Chivadora is a halfsister to KWPN approved stallion Joyride EH.

Leadora's sire Franklin is a licensing champion who has scored a 10 for his trot at a stallion competition. At his performance test in november 2013, which he won with 86.5 points, he was rewarded with 7 for his walk, 8.5 for trot, 9.5 for canter and self-carriage and balance, and a 9 for his rideability and for potential as a dressage horse. He continued to excel under the saddle and, in february 2015, he won the KWPN stallion championship final for 5 year-olds, where he was awarded 9.5 for trot, 8 for walk and 8.5 for canter, rideability and general impression. Franklin is incredibly uphill, with a hindleg showing abundant power, push and spring. He has a phenomenal, powerful canter, which he passes on to his offspring. Franklin is a breathtaking beautiful son of the much sought-after Ampère, who combines looks with trainability and performance. Ampere, who is by Rousseau out of a Flemmingh mare, comes from a keur damline and was the winner of his 70-day performance test, including 9 for talent and was praised by the testers as the best horse they had ridden in years. Ampere was also the top priced foal at the Borculo Elite Auction in 2005, selling for 41,000 euro's.
Franklin's dam-sire Ferro is a dressage legend who competed at the highest level, including the Olympics and European Championships under Coby van Balen, and then went on to become one of dressage's major foundation sires. He produced a dressage dynasty, with his most notable offspring being, among others, Negro (=sire of Valegro!), Kennedy, Rousseau and Rhodium.

Leadora took part in the KWPN 'stamboekkeuring' in Oirschot on july 11 2019. In a very convincing way she danced herself to the STER predicate with the highest scores of the day: 85 points for constitution, 85 points for movements and 90 points for her trot. She was praised by the judges for her elegance, powerful movements, uphill constitution, strong hindlegs and extraordinary use of the frontlegs. Leadora's height is 1.72m and she is 100% clean on x-rays. At the CK in De Mortel on july 27th she was rewarded 'voorlopig keur'. In october 2019 she passed the EPTM test (video) succesfully with 78.5 points, which made her Elite.

Leadora has the D-OC predicate (DNA score 100), and she was x-rayed in june 2019 and 100% clean.


3 days old

3 days old.
3 days old
25 days old

25 days old
25 days old
Leadora at stamboekkeuring 3 years old Leadora at stamboekkeuring 3 years old

                       Leadora at KWPN stamboekkeuring in Oirschot - 3 years old
Leadora at EPTM test Ermelo 3 year old
at EPTM test in Ermelo - 3 years old

Leadora at CK De Mortel 3 yrs old  Leadora at CK De Mortel 3 yrs old
at KWPN CK in De Mortel - 3 years old