Gina Barina  Elite, PROK, Sport(dr)

Mare,  born: June 4th 2011, KWPN breeding value dressage (at birth): 173, dressage level: Z2, eventing L

3 yrs old

Jazz  pref Cocktail keur Purioso keur
Ulissa keur pref prest
Charmante keur Ulster
Warmante keur pref
Carina  elite, PROK, pref, EPTM(dr)
Florencio Florestan I

elite, pref, prest, sport (dress)

Rubinstein I

keur, pref, prest, sport (dress)


Gina Barina is a true daughter of champions: her dam Carina was overall champion of the dressage mares at the CK of Sevenum in 2010. Her sire Jazz is at the first place by far on the WBFSH list for dressage stallions, and Florencio won the World Championships of young dressage horses in Verden in 2004 and 2005. Out of her dam line (Zanka line, KWPN breeding family 401, which is at the 29th position in the top 50 of most successful KWPN dressage dam lines) successful sport horses and breeding stallions were born, like KWPN approved stallions Tolando and Landeur, Grand Prix dressage mare Tarina and the famous international GP horse Ideaal (by Doruto). Her pedigree, her extremely high dressage index, her uphill conformation, her light-footed movements and her great attitude make Gina Barina a real future prospect!

In june 2014 she was awarded STER at the keuring in Wamel, with 70 points for constitution anf 75 points for movements. In 2018 she was upgraded tot Elite.

Gina Barina competes at dressage level Z2 and eventing class L (champion Dutch Nationals L class eventing 2019!) with her rider/owner Renske de Bruin.

Gina Barina in pasture, 1 dag old
Gina, 1 day old, in the pastures
Gina Barina and mother Carina, 20110605
Gina Barina with her protecting and caring dam Carina
2 months old 
In the pastures, 2 months old. (Photo by Renske de Bruin)

Gina 3 year old at the KWPN keuring

Gina Barina 3 year old, at the KWPN keuring where she was awarded STER (Photo by Renske de Bruin)
Gina Barina at Dutch Nationals Eventing L class 2019

Gina Barina EH at Dutch Nationals Eventing L class (2019) where she became champion!
Gina Barina at Dutch Nationals Eventing L class 2019