Our team

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Linda van Engelshoven is our most experienced rider, who can train you and your horse up to GP dressage level. 

She has a broad experience in training riders and horses, from braking-in to the fine tuning of a well educated dressage horse. Linda is an ORUN certified trainer. She teaches dressage clinics in the USA on a regular base.

Bringing in over 40 years of horse experience she is a well trusted source of information and guidance for young and experienced horses, as well as their riders.

With a University degree in Physics (Technical University of Eindhoven, MSc '86) , she has other talents besides the horses. Having pursued a technical & management career for over 15 years,   she made the switch to full-time horses in 2001. However, the management experience gained in her technical jobs, is a solid basis for sound business proposals.


Jeroen van Engelshoven

Jeroen van Engelshoven, Linda's husband, is helping as much as he can. He is responsible for the music in the video clips on our website.

Also a Technical University graduate in physics, his career still allows some time for our horses and foals, and of course the farm.

In the past, when computer aided composing was no so common yet, Jeroen also made free-style kürs for dressage riders. He has prepared the music for various international events, including contributions to the Dutch Paralympic team for Sydney 2000, and the Dutch Z2 indoor champion 2004.

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The official business registration of our company is: Kvk Venlo 12037750