Weva Rose

Mare,  born: June 5th 2003, Height: 1.64m, dressage level: Z2

weva rose

Gribaldi pref Kostolany Enrico Caruso
Gondola II Ibikus
Gloria VI
Evarose ster sport(dr) Sultan keur Marinier
Nireina ster pref prest
morose prest paradiso XX


A video (23.4 Mb/400kb/sec) is available on line.

Hints and tips for playing the video.

This gorgeous and lovable black mare is a pleasure to ride. Small package horse, suitable for timid riders, could also be a schoolmaster for beginners or for pony riders who want to switch to a horse. Light in the bridle and easy going. She has a hughe walk, and a very good trot and canter. Makes clean flying changes, talented for passage. She has lots of showing experience, went through all classes from B to Z2 in Dutch competition. Good groundmanners and no vices.

Has been vetted and x-rayed in febr 2011, all sound and clean.

weva rose  weva rose