Stallion,  born: March 21 2000,  height (1.64) m

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Donnerhall Donnerwetter Disput
Ninette Markus
Ochtendster keur Ferro keur Ulft keur
Brenda keur pref prest
Zilverster keur pref prest Saluut


This is a typical example of a stallion, who hasn't been told that he actually is one: he is such a sweet guy!


The mother of the stallion is a full sister of the Dutch KWPN dressage stallion Kennedy (V. Ferro).

He was screened for X-ray, according to the severe Dutch X-ray regulations and passed brilliantly!

Training report

We are now working with him without the saddle. Both training mill and some jumping are trained. He picks up his work with great enthousiasm and within 2 days jumped over 1.00 m fences. Not bad for a Donnerhall!

Combining the best of German (V. Donnerhall) and KWPN (VM. Ferro) dressage, he pairs willingness to work and the ability to do so! With this pedigree, it is no surprise to find his dressage expectation index to be 175, which is in the top 5% of the entire KWPN population.

He is very compactly built and very strong. In short: a prospect for the higher dressage.

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