Gelding,  born: July 1st 1998,  height 1.71 m, Dressage level: L2

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Garmisch Grannus Graphit
Gabrielle   ster Jasper  keur
Zivona keur prest
Brieda   keur Souvenir Duc de Normandie  pref
Marja-Utopia  keur pref
Radorette   ster J. sans Peur
Libretto  ster pref


The gelding was tested both clinical and X-rayed before purchase.

All was OK. The X-ray was very positive.



The gelding shows a real cool character, not being impressed easily. As part of his training also a few outdoor sessions will follow, from which we only expect a confirmation.



Training report:


Just before August 2001 the gelding was saddle broken in a horse friendly manner.

From then onwards Wendy van Lierop has trained the gelding and brought him up to L2 dressage level.


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Also we took the gelding for some outdoor riding in the woods near our stable. He confirmed his cool character, by really enjoying the outdoor riding.


We plan to train the horse for about half a year, bringing him to (Dutch) level L/M. We started the gelding in feb 2002 in Dutch L2 competition with success!