Mare,  born: June 5th 1997,  height 1.65 m, Dressage level: L2

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Sultano Sultan   keur Marinier
Nireina  ster
Boddystar Roemer
Ineke  keur Uniform   keur pref Whattamin xx
Liris  keur pref prest
Toendra Ulex  pref


The mare was tested clinical before purchase.



The mare shows a real cool character, not being impressed by anything. It must be noted that prior to our purchase the mare was ridden in front of a carriage, so she has already seen quite a bit of the world.




Training report:


Prior to our purchase the mare was trained in front of a carriage, from which she has acquired a strong trot. She was not saddle broken when she arrived at our farm. After one week of getting used to our stables, the saddle braking process was in line with the character of the mare: Linda took the saddle, put it on her back and simply sat on the horse and rode on, without any disturbance or protest from the horse.


Since then the training goes very well: because of her cool character she is very susceptive to her trainer and she is a quick learner. The mare has now reached the Dutch dressage level L2 and is going rapidly towards M1 level.

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