Phynnja EH   D-OC, wffs free  

Mare, born: May 5th 2020, KWPN dressage index (at birth):

Phynnja EH

Deparon US Deveraux
Depardieu 11
GP dress
Donata K - Staatspr
Lanya 2
PSG / Inter I
Ramira - Staatspr
Lafinnja   D-OC
GP dress
Florencio   keur
Trendy   elite pref

Finnja  Hauptstb, D-OC

Sandro Hit (Old)
Ferna  (Old)   Hauptstb
Full sister to Don Schufro
Video of Phynnja E.H. - 12 days old

Some articles about Phynnja's relatives:

                                                                            "Fiesta mit Donnerhall" (Züchter Forum 11/2007)
                                                            "Blue Hors Don Schufro in the lead"  ( 12/2019)

With great granddam Ferna, a full sister to Oldenburger Grand Prix stallion Don Schufro, Phynnja is carrying world class dressage blood in her veins.
From this interesting Oldenburger dam line (damline of Kebandina/Finnländerin from Vornholz, Hannover Stamm 659) are many
breeding stallions and international sport horses.
Granddam Finnja was one of the highlights in the DBFS Sale in 2007. A full brother to Finnja (Sidney)
is A.E.S. approved.
A full sister to Finnja, Ferrera, is an international dressage horse (Grand Prix) competing for Hong Kong under Jacqueline Siu.

Don Schufro (by Donnerhall X Pik Bube) was in the lead of the German annual dressage list of top dressage stallions 7 times, he won the Grand Prix in Bremen and the World Cup qualifier at Vilhelmsborg. In 2005 he won the Grand Prix Special in Wiesbaden the World Cup qualifier in Vilhelmsborg, had several placings at the shows in Neumünster, Bremen, Lingen, CHIO in Aachen and at the German Marsters in Stuttgart. Don Schufro was dressage winner in the material test in Adelheidsdorf (Germany) with 154.93 points. He won team bronze at the Olympic Games of 2008 in Hong Kong. In 2008 he won the National Championships in Denmark. He had 45 Grand Prix wins during his impressive career.
Also as a breeding stallion Don Schufro is world class: he has more than 20 approved sons, Don Romantic and Diamond Hit as the best known.
He was 3 x sire of the Mare of the Year in Denmark, and twice sire of the Mare of the Year in Germany. He has several sons and daughters
competing at Grand Prix level. He retired in 2010.

Further in Phynnja's pedigree we see the world famous dressage stallion Donnerhall. He had several Grand Prix wins including a team gold at the World Championships in Rome in 1998. He has more than 50 approved sons, and in 1997 he was selected as the stallion of the year in Germany. Lafinnja's great granddam's sire, Pik Bube I, was an international dressage stallion with 11 victories in S-dressage within one season. The combination of Donnerhall and Pik Bube has produced true top quality horses. Lafinnja's granddam Ferna is full sister to the famous stallions Don Schufro and Don Primero, ridden by Karin Rehbein. Fabina, another full sister to Don Schufro, was selected as best mare in Oldenburg 2003. Lafinnja's great granddam Fiesta is also granddam of Grand Prix horse Cappucino (by Classiker) ridden by Karin Rehbein, and of the approved Oldenburger stallion Sunny Boy (by Sandro Hit). 
Also the Grand Prix horses Rubelit (by Unkenruf) ridden by Carl Hester, and worldchampion Mariano (by Ramzes) ridden by Josef Neckermann,
originate from this damline.

In may 2017 the stunning 3 year old KWPN stallion Just Wimphof passed the stallion performance test with a winning score of 86 points. The damline of Just Wimphof goes back to the Donnerhall mare Fantastica, she is a full sister to Phynnja's great granddam Ferna.
Just Wimphof was selected for the champion ring at the KWPN stallion show in Den Bosch in february 2017, where he was rewarded with a 6th place. He was the ex aequo champion of the KWPN stallion licensing test in spring 2017.

Grandsire Charmeur was champion of the stallion performance test in his year, he was champion of the PAVO-cup twice (4 year old and 5 year olds), he got a 5th place at the World Championships for young dressage horses, he also was champion of the stallioncompetition class M (2012/2013) where he got 9.5's and 10's for his trot and canter. After that, he was successfully competing at Grand Prix level with Madeleine Witte-Vrees. Charmeur comes from the famous breeding line of Huub van Helvoirt (KWPN damline 100, breeding family 280).

Phynnja's sire Deparon US's bloodlines combine a double Donnerhall in the sire's side with English thouroughbred on the dam side. During the Bundeschampionat final, Deparon US placed fourth. Deparon shows very strong power from his hind legs, which makes collected work easy for him. Deparon is approved in Oldenburg, Hannover and Mecklenburg.

Phynnja received the D-OC predicate with a DNA score of 102.

Phynnja 2 days old  Phynnja 1 day old  Phynnja 1 day old Phynnja EH, 2 days old.

Phynnja 12 days old   Phynnja 12 days old
Phynnja EH, 12 days old.