Olympia, elite

Mare,  born: March 1st 1996,  height 1.65 m,

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Domenick Zeppelin Saluut
Nieta Earldom xx


The mare Olympia is a product from our first horse Domenick. As three year old she participated in the KWPN sport test for young mares EPTM and passed with 70.5 points. Also as three year old she competed in the KWPN regional championships, where she earned her "ster" note. Following an extensive X-ray study, she received the PROK certificate. Having given birth to her first foal Unicum by the black KWPN stallion Obelisk, she has now acquired all points to be declared: elite.
Off spring overview:

2001    Unicum (by Obelisk) - - - - - ->

2002    Voyager (by Obelisk)

2003    Wise Guy (by Obelisk)

2004    ZZ-Top (by Jazz keur)

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