For one of our relations we offer:


Mare,  born: April 16th 1995,  height 1.70 m, Dressage level: Z2, ster

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Jester Wolfgang keur Farn pref
Jolanda keur pref prest
Elena keur pref Ulft keur

ster-sport (dress)

Bustron Sultan keur
Ustrona keur
Favente keur Zortin
Rodier keur pref

A video (1.6 Mb) is available on line.

Hints and tips for playing the video.

The mare was tested X-ray in 1998 and clinically mid 2002. All OK.

She shows a sensible character with a high willingness to work.


This impressive horse shows a very strong extended trot.

Her flying changes are confirmed.

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