Mneme, elite/sport

Mare,  born: May 23th 1994,  height 1.64 m, level Z1

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Zeoliet keur G. Ramiro Z pref B. Raimond
Valine H (Holst)
Sargab keur pref prest Agbar keuf
A. Gonnie ster pref

keur pref prest

Solaris xx keur Solonaway xx
Fair Comet xx
Berdonna ster pref Ulex pref

A video (1.8 Mb) is available on line.

Hints and tips for playing the video.

Mneme is the year 2000 regional champion in the category 4-year and older mares.


All full brothers and sisters of Mneme are competing in dressage at national level.


She has been trained up to dressage Z1+6 (and is now "elite/sport").

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  ufo.ht1.jpg (15984 bytes)   Offspring overview:


  2001    UFO (Lord Sinclair)

  2003    Wizz Kid (Future)

  Currently in foal by Rousseau.