For one of our relations, we offer:

Meadow Dancer

    Gelding,  born: June 23th 1994,  height 1.79 m, Dressage level: Z2/FEI

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Balzflug Habicat trak Burnus trak
Balzjagd Insterfeuer
Rally lady xx


Ubis Votez bien x
Alys Erday SF
Michaela keur First Trial xx
Gibine pref

A video (3.3 Mb) is available on line.

Hints and tips for playing the video.



He was checked  X-ray in 2000; all was OK.



The tall black gelding has a gentle character, and will work for any rider

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Training report:

The tall black gelding has started his training at the age of 3 years and speeded through the various dressage levels to acquire (Dutch) Z1 competition points at the age of 5 !

At various levels of dressage the gelding has competed at the national championships of the NBVR.

Currently he is trained at Prix St George level. An impressive eye catcher, this horse has the strength and charm to reach high levels of dressage.

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