Gelding,  born: July 10 1993,  height 1.67 m, Dressage level: Z2

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Zeoliet keur G. Ramiro Z. pref B. Raimond
Valine H Holst

keur pref prest

Abgar xx keur
A. Gonnie keur pref prest
Haydi ster Cocktail pref Purioso keur
Ulissa keur pref prest
Daykapolo sport Irco Polo

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The gelding is cool. He brings a lot of experience for competition as well as outdoor riding. He is very co-operative in the work and tries to surpass the expectations of the rider. 

Training report

Coming with loads of experience in Dutch dressage competiton up to M2 level, Lingo knows how to pick up the work. As the 2002 region Salland M2 champion, he brings excessive movements and great character.

He was saddle broken only at the age of 6, to pick up the dressage work up to Z-level in just a few years time. Combining the top dressage bloodlines of Zeoliet and Cocktail, he is surely on his way to the higher dressage competition. He recently entered Z1 competition succesfully. He completed Z1 level in less than 3 months.

The horse was tested clinically and X-ray in 1999.

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