Gifted EH

Stallion,  born: May 31th 2011, KWPN breeding value dressage (at birth): 156


Totilas Gribaldi keur Kostolany
Gondola II elite
Lominka elite Glendale
Elsa ster pref prest sport(dr)
Vidora EH  elite pref sport (dr)
Jazz pref Cocktail keur
Charmante keur
Nivaldora sport (dr) May Sherif
Rolanda keur pref prest

A video (1 month old) (6,3 Mb - 1000 kb/s) is available on line.

Promotion video Totilas-Vidora (10.3 Mb - 1500 kb/sec) is available on line.

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With dressage sires like Totilas (World Champion FEI WEG Kentucky 2010) and Jazz (1st place on WBFSH dressage sire ranking 2010) in his pedigree, it's clear which gifts are in the genes of this stunning dark bay colt.

With 2 worldchampions in his direct blood line, Gifted EH will be a true addition to the dressage community of Dubai.

Gifted                   Gifted  
               Gifted with his dam Vidora, 1 day old.                                                                                     Gifted 5 days old

trot 3 yrs old 3 yrs old

Gifted trotting, 3 months old                                                                                                              Saddlebroke, 3 years old