Gelding,  born: April 22 2001, height 1.80 m,  dressage level : Prix St George

daydream - head

Dream of Love Dream of Heidelberg Donnerschlag
Palmyra Pik Labionics
Piona Feinbrand Feiner Stern
Königin Königstreurer xx


A training video (10.1 Mb - 346 kb/s) is available on line.

Hints and tips for playing the video.

The tall 8-year old gelding Daydream is a solid mover at Prix St George level.  
He is a very gentle, forgiving horse, ideally suited for multipurpose dressage as well as leisure.
With his extraordinary extended trot he will impress the world wherever he goes.
Good enough for a professional rider and easy enough for an amateur.
Great groundmanners and no vices.
Vetted and x-rayed in June 2009.
daydream stand