Atlantis EH

Gelding,  born: May 19 2005, height: 1.64m, dressage level: Z1 


Kennedy Ferro keur pref Ulft keur
Brenda ster pref

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Nivaldora   sport (dr)
May Sherif Elizar
May Kignaes

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Doruto pref
Joliza ster

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Atlantis is the last foal out of the talented Z2 dressage (3rd level) mare Nivaldora, he was born here at our farm.
He has 3 excellent gaits, specially walk and canter. He is training at Z1 level, has good simple changes and a start to the flying changes. For more...see the video. He is familiar with the walker, loads and travels easily. Good with the snaffle and the double bridle. Reliable, good work ethic, good groundmanners, no vices. He was x-rayed in 2008, all 100% OK.

Atlantis stand apr 2012

Atlantis april 2012
Atlantis training trot 1
Atlantis training trot 2

Atlantis training trot 3

Atlantis training...


Fun with Atlantis in National Park "Loo
nse en Drunense Duinen" (oct 2011)
duinen1 duinen3